Darren & Kelly - Kilronan Castle, Co.Roscommon

There is nothing to brighten Winter like a Christmas wedding! And Kelly and Darren's Christmas Wedding at Kilronan Castle was no different! The challenge with Winter weddings can be the shortage of light, often getting dark by 4pm and therefore what I loved most about this wedding was that everything took place within a small radius of Kilronan Castle, allowing for more time shooting and less time travelling. Both the bride and groom got prepared at Kilronan Castle on the morning of their big day which allowed me to dip between both bridal and groom parties with absolute ease. My favorite part of shooting at Kilronan Castle is their vast and spacious Bridal suite, it gives so much space to manoeuvre and allows me to blend in with what is happening without being to noticeable, this is always my aim as a wedding photographer! The weather during Christmas 2018 was about as settled as they come and this day was no different, apart from it being a little chilly weather wise, we couldn't have asked for a better day! The service was a short spin away at Keadew Church and after the ceremony we did a very quick shoot by the lake before heading back to Kilronan Castle to continue our shoot where the portraits can be taken with the warmth of indoors and utilise the amazing backdrops of Kilronan Castle! The Wine Cellar in the basement of the castle is such an amazing and unique little gem to photograph and we snapped some gorgeous portraits there. I have to hand it to Kelly and Darren as their entrance to the ballroom was without a doubt the slickest and most elegant of entrances I have seen - with them both waltzing their way into the room! The day ran seamlessly for the couple, and it was an absolute pleasure to be in their company for their wedding day, I felt as though we were all on the same page with everything we did and added to it they were naturals on front of the camera! As a photographer i couldn't have asked for much more! Thanks Kelly and Darren!